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Palau Ski Boot Liners offers the largest selection of ski liners 100% Thermo-formable for Alpine Skiing, Touring and Mountaineering.

The ski shell incorporate original liners that are the interface between the foot and the ski boot. Depending on the quality and frequency of use, the liner can sometimes be altered and uncomfortable. As a result your equipment, will require a replacement.

Palau offers solutions for optimization (bootfitting) and renewal on all configurations of shoes, by the adaptation of a 100% Thermoformable Shoe.

For more than 70 years, we manufacture the future of mountain sports shoe.

Some explanations about our produtcs

Thermo-formable Ski Liners

All Palau Ski boot liners are 100 % made from best EVA HQ European foams.
Cell closed Foam Palau Liners are selected for there excellent heat reaction, resilience and fitting precision properties.

Palau provides pre-formed ski Liners with pattern and composition fitting ski multi-fields, setups and requirements thermoforming process is the step of total custom bootfitting, warrant of the perfect fit, in the boot.

The Foam Liners heated, becomes modular and conformable, thus making it possible to reshape, adapt and define the ski Liners contours to enhance general comfort and fit in your setup.

Heat molding process is normally best performed by a qualified boot fitter or shop but Palau follow a DIY Instruction method to proceed.

How measuring the size ?

Our liners are measured on a scale called Mondo point: mean the length of the inside sole in centimeters. Your foot measure in centimeter will be the base for size choice.
You can determine your Mondo point size by tracing your foot on a piece of paper or cardboard with a pen, keeping the pen vertical against your foot so there is just a slight border. Measure the traced outline from the heel to the longest part of the toes.
Round off to the nearest half centimeter. If the tracing of your foot measures 26 cm (10.23”), we suggest to select the mid up size 265 MP
When fitting (or skiing) ski boots, we suggest wearing a thin or very thin sock.
While a thicker sock may be slightly warmer in some instances, the plastic shell and foam in the liner provide lots of insulation, and extra sock thickness between your foot and the boot shell diminishes control and response.
In general, the best skiers wear the thinnest socks for this reason.

Palau's size chart

Important 1 : Palau Liners Last Rule

Our Ski boot liners are lasted for each Full size (260, 270, 280, 290). Some skiers may want to upsize to 1/2 Mondo size to get (5 mm extra toe lenght in same volume). Our products TOUR LITE ELITE ; TOUR LITE ULTRA RS and WINTER TRACK ELITE are mention (Downsized).

The last are 1/2 Size down (27 MP = will be made with a 260 Last ; mondo lenght 265 MP). It helps combining some Boot brands scales or special Narrow fitting boots with our products.


Important 2 : Best is to verify your foot lenght. Why ?

All market boots are not graded their Last like our liners. 270-275 ; 280-285 etc. Some brands such Scarpa are grading their last every 1/2 sizes. 275-280 ; 285-290 etc. It mean a 275 MP Last from Scarpa is closer to a 28 MP Last feeling from PALAU. In low price market, small and even mid boot sizes (sorry girls) are grouping several sizes (22-235) and it is very important to verify your foot lenght to fix the correct Liners.

Need more details ?

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The experience of gliding and the adaptation of new slippers depends on the characteristics of your foot and your style of skiing.

So take your time, and do not hesitate to call us on +33 (0) 559535061.