Secure payment by credit card

To ensure the best security guarantees for the payment of your online purchases on the website, we have chosen the secure payment service AXEPTA from BNP PARIBAS, which integrates the latest security standards. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology ensures the confidentiality of credit card numbers. This aims to encrypt all exchanges between two computers. All your payment information is only communicated to BNP PARIBAS and is never in our possession. This payment solution is the most widely used in France.

3D Secure system

The 3D-Secure protocol, also known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code, allows you to benefit from enhanced protection for your online purchases through an authentication system. After validating your bank details, a 3D-Secure window managed by your bank will appear. Entering an authentication code, unique to each bank, verifies that you are the cardholder using the card for payment. Your payment is validated and your transaction finalized after confirmation from your bank. Please ensure at the time of your order that you can receive the authentication SMS.

You can contact your bank directly for more information on your authentication code.

In the event of a problem during the payment of your order, do not hesitate to contact

We remind you that the 3D-SECURE system is completely free and aims to further secure Internet transactions.