Industrialisation chaussons de ski
Savoir faire palau Ski boot Liners

PALAU 1946

At Palau we are shoemakers by tradition. We have been practicing this profession from father to son at least since the revolution. It was in 1946 that Alfred PALAU began his activity as a shoemaker and manufactured mountain ski boots, or mixed mountain and ski boots. These are the premises of the hiking boot and Palau Ski Boot Liners.

Unique process

The foams and materials used by Palau Ski Boot Liners are designed and certified for thermoforming and meet current EEC regulations. The selected EVA foams, HD, MD, SD and SSD are excellent systems due to their properties of resilience, elasticity, comfort and support. Thermal and insulating, our thermoformable liners are perfect for alpine areas of medium and high mountains, in winter outdoor equipment and in extreme conditions.

Made in France

We've got what you need!

We have the experience and skills to offer items that can be adapted to all hulls of ski and snowboard brands. Our liners are entirely made from European HQ EVA foam, composed of closed cells and defined formulation, density and thickness. All our liners are preformed in the factory using a unique method, to obtain an outline, a composition adapted to each discipline, Last or type of shell.